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About Us

DRAWSKI was founded in the 1854. At the time the company produced agriculture machinery.

DRAWSKI is a stock company now, based on Polish capital and owned by private persons who hold the majority of shares.

The company is casting the following grades of cast iron: grey, ductile and white cast iron. DRAWSKI cast 10 000 tons of castings per year. 25 % is an export production to Germany, Ireland, Italy, U.K., Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden.

The castings are predominantly used in the machinery and agriculture industries, some in water-supply-and-sewage, railway and mining. The foundry can cast both small and big batches.

There are two production lines at hand DISA MATCH 28”/32” and DISAMATIC 2013 to cast the parts of weight 0,2 kg to 100 kg. Drawski aim’s implementing of the new investments. The modern technologies and Quality Management Systems enable us to produce a reliable product. The Environment Management System supports our eff orts to run the environmental programs.

About Us

      ODLEWNIA DRAWSKI tel. +48 67 253 96 00, sekretariat@odlewniadrawski.pl projekt strony www.artso.pl      
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